Buy Lead-free products and help the wildlife on our earth stay healthy!

Perhaps a swan, loon or an eagle will be feeding in a river or lake where people fish, or in a wetland where people have hunted with lead shot even decades in the past. Sadly, lead persists in the environment.  Please download the PDF that has the names and websites of many manufacturers and retailers that sell lead-free alternatives.  We all love these animals and it is worth the extra effort to seek out companies that sell nature friendly products.

You can find the PDF for Lead-free alternatives:  Manufacturers and retailers HERE.

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These are some of the animals you are helping when you purchase lead-free supplies such as fishing tackle.




Click on the four thumbnails below to see larger pictures.  The first two images are from an article in the White Bear Press using my photos and an interview about Swans and lead poisoning.  The second two thumbnails are of a metal sign that is posted at two local parks where Swans hang out in the Winter:  Sucker Creek Park and Vadnais Lake Park.  The article and sign were the beginning of a renewed "lead-free" awareness in the area stemming from a dead Trumpeter Swan I found that was later determined to have died from lead poisoning.  Several more Swans in our area have been found during the last two Winters.  The local organization VLAWMO (Vadnais Lake Area Water Management Organization) is a phenomenal group of people who help care for the water and wildlife in my area.  They have been very involved in helping spread the dangers of lead in our waters.  Lead-free options are available!  See a post above for a downloadable PDF showcasing lead-free suppliers.

This is what Lead Poisoning looks like:

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