I created this Dragon Boat art piece with inspiration from my dragon boat team, Off The Edge. I was watching a video of our team racing in a festival this past summer, and during the last leg of the race our drummer yelled out, "Power!" We kicked up our power and won the race! It was at this moment that I knew I wanted to create something special that represented our teams passion for each other and for the sport.

To make this piece, I collected small items from nature and also used a few special artifacts that were already in my nature collection. I photographed the nature items and arranged them digitally until the vision in my mind was complete. My creativity literally poured out of me during the process of creating this image. I used a spiral shaped shell to represent the teammates in the boat. The nautilus shape represents a symbol of strength and growth. Being a part of a dragon boat team has made me a better and stronger person in many ways.

I offer this Dragon Boat fine art piece as a mounted print or as a canvas wrap. I also have an option of a weather proof and durable sticker that is small enough for your paddle or anywhere else you would like to adhere a small work of art.

More details are below, if you are interested in purchasing this image you can find it by clicking here.


This option as a print is offered in three sizes. Each size is printed on lustre paper and sprayed with a lustre finish for added protection. The prints are mounted on styrene (a durable substrate) to prevent curling and warping of the print over time. The smaller 5x10 is perfect for displaying on a small easel for a desk or bookshelf. The 8x20 and 10x30 sizes can also be displayed on an easel or brought to your custom framer for display on the wall. The shipping time for this print is approximately 3-5 days.


This option is a 10x20 or 12x36 canvas gallery wrap which will need no framing and comes ready to hang.
*1.25" depth
*Supported canvas face to prevent sagging and stretching
*Fully finished back with pre-installed hinged hanging hardware
*in lab time is 3 days and then ships directly to you (from order time to you receiving the canvas in your hands is approximately 7-9 days depending on when the weekend hits in the process)


This option is a small 5x2 sticker. It is small enough for your paddle or water bottle or anywhere else you would like a small piece of artwork that represents your love of the sport. The shipping time for this sticker is 2-4 days.

If you have a custom idea in mind for this Dragon Boat art piece, please email me and I will see what I can do for you!

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