Things are looking a little upside down.

Once upon a time about ten years ago I decided to start photographing local Trumpeter Swans.  It is so fun and it gets me outside on the coldest of days.  For some reason I like taking photos of wildlife in the winter even more than the summertime.  I think it’s because there are fewer people out and about in the winter.  I like it when it’s just me and the wildlife.  There is nothing like being with the swans when 50 or more of them are playing and “trumpeting” - it’s so noisy but in a peaceful way!  I have been known to stay outside in sub-zero temps for hours photographing them (usually until my camera batteries go caput).  Here is one of my favorite swan photos.  I have this as a 30” x 30” canvas wrap on my wall at home.  It always succeeds in making me smile.  :).   The End.

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